We prioritize in simplifying your life through software solutions


Our software solutions are developed using the worlds most respected programming languages and frameworks, to make them lightweight, robust, and user friendly.


We use PHP Frameworks / Python as the server side end of our web solutions, as these technologies are powerful and secure. We also integrate Bootstrap framework to the solution to make it user friendly on all device.


We develop custom Android and IOS (Apple) apps using Googles very own framework, Flutter. Which allows us to develop for both platforms from a single codebase. No need to develop one and wait for the other, get them both from us.


We develop custom solutions that integrate with your hardware, we bring you smart homes, assets tracking and registry. We bring you the 4th industrial revolution.


These are solution we have developed to simplify your lives.


Project Name: Meloo

Meloo has been up dated into a shoppers utility tool. We have redesigned it to bring stores and store products into consumers hands. During these hard times we are facing, we redesigned Meloo to help in the combat of the spread of COVID-19.

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Project Name: Informativ

Informativ is your one-stop app for all events take place in and around your area. The platform is available both WEB and MOBILE (Android). The Web platform is used to manage events, whiles the Mobile app is used by anyone to view upcoming and active events, request a ride and set event reminders.
Under Maintenance
Developed in partnership with SbuBatso (Pty) Ltd.


Project Name: Find-My-Bus

Find-My-Bus is aimed to better bus commuters experiences and to make their day-to-day travels more convenient. The platform will be available on MOBILE (both Android and IOS (Apple)). Currently the platform is still in development and will soon be available to the public.

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